Do you live in a perfect house?  Almost no one does.

I want to tell you about a recent ‘perfect sale’ a fellow home stager was involved in. She tells it like this:

“It doesn’t happen very often that I don’t have something to say.

A broker who collaborates with me on a regular basis, asked me to do a consultation for a client.

The house is an average middle class house, looks good from the outside but NOT a high-end home.

As soon as I walked in, I could see that the house looked great. The owner told me that they had already de cluttered, cleaned and depersonalized the house. As the family (with two teenagers) lived in the house, the owner did her best to organize and minimize the family’s stuff. In spite of the fact that this house didn’t have the most recent renovations, the care that the owners took in decorating it and making sure it looked spacious and welcoming, compensated for the rest.

One important tip in this type of situation is to focus on the main rooms and, especially, the rooms that people see as they walk in – living room, dining room, kitchen….

We did a walk through every room and I suggested minor adjustments, we removed a piece of furniture from the living room and that was it.  The house looked fantastic!

Within 2 days, the client had accepted an offer and the house was sold at 96% of the asking price. That is what I call a ‘perfect sale!”

So, you don’t need a perfect house to make a perfect sale!  But you do need to put some effort into making sure your house looks as perfect as possible before you put in on the market!

Whether you think you have a perfect house ready to list in Ottawa or would like a consultation to get your home in prime staged condition for the best sale you can get, give us a call today!