Oftentimes when people are asked, “what is home staging”, they tend to be a little confused on the answer.  Home staging is not about decorating in whatever style you like.  It’s about creating a certain mood for the buyer.  Staging involves eloquently dressing your home before you put it on the market.  The fact of the matter is that the buyer needs to feel comfortable even though he is walking through the door of a stranger’s house.  He needs to picture himself in that house.

Now let me assure you that a potential customer doesn’t need to see your personal items all over the house—this will make him feel like an intruder.  This will leave him uncomfortable and more distant.  Home staging is about drawing people in and making them feel warm and invited.

Let’s explore the general techniques of a professional home staging expert.  Whenever someone stages a room, he must endeavor into and succeed in mass mood appealing.  The general public will be viewing his house—so what does the general public want to see?  First, he has to get a mass consensus of what sells a house.  Naturally, updated kitchens and baths will appeal to most people.  Particular features are a must such as adequate lighting, trendy fixtures, modern appliances such as stainless steel and lavish counter tops if possible.  Of course curb appeal is important, as it provides a first impression.  However these things aren’t actually the mood setting elements that define the expertise in a home staging technique.

Professionals will tell you that the real secret of the trade is knowing how to set a relaxing mood.  Sure you can trim the grass and paint the house to get them in, but then you must maintain the buyer’s interest.  To create the right mood, use an array of soft materials such as silks, satins, lambs wool, etc.  Also, collectible items displayed in a lighted cabinet or shelf can create a soothing, yet mysterious mood depending upon the way in which the light shines on the items and the shadow cast by the light.

It is a consensus among home stagers that colors should be neutral to appeal to many individuals.  Fireplaces, book shelves, or any large piece of furniture in the room should be showcased and accented to create a homey feeling in the potential buyer.  Warming the soul of the buyer is of extreme importance in staging a house to sell.  There are a number of items that stagers use to add finishing touches to the general layout that potential buyers are looking for.  Some of these items include mirrors, plants, baskets, throw rugs, unique afghans, throws, and plush, colorful pillows to accent furniture.  Unusual paintings and decorative pieces can really make the hall walls stand out.  Wood framed furniture can be shined and made to look new.  Candy dishes, fruit, bowls, accessory bouquets filled with bath items bring a welcome feeling to the bathrooms in the home.  Don’t forget about the outside back area of the house.  Depending upon the worth of the house, pools are also a desired asset.

You can locate detailed information to give you more great tips on this website.    Everybody has their own style of what home staging is, a professional Home Stager knows what appeals to the buyer.  If you want to learn what Regal Home Staging can do for you and your Ottawa home or property, give us a call today!