Home staging as a marketing tool


Companies like Ottawa based Regal Home Staging get several phone calls a day from home sellers about home staging.

Their level of understanding of ‘Home Staging’ varies but most, if not all of them, are ‘Home Staging Virgins’.  They might have heard about the concept; possibly saw a show on TV, maybe their broker recommended it. Maybe they know someone who has used Home Staging services in the past successfully.  But they have never gone through the process themselves.

Most people are a bit at a loss; what exactly are the services offered by Home Stagers, what does it entail for them, how long will it take and, of course, how much will it cost?

The role of the Home Stager is that of an educator, counselor and problem solver.  They explain, reassure and help their clients find the most efficient and cost effective solutions to how to make their house look its best.

The process usually starts with a consultation (for a lived in home).  The first step is to analyze the current situation and to recommend what needs to be done, establish priorities and budget.  For some people, it might suffice and they can complete the process on their own (or with a bit of coaching).  Some others might require more help – to de-clutter, to fix and paint, to shop for accessories, to actually set the furniture and the accessories up, etc.

Each situation and each client being different, therefore we have to adapt the services to their individual needs.  If you live in the Greater Ottawa or surrounding area give us a call today to see how we can help you sell or decorate your home quickly and easily!