Staging a Vacant Property

There can be come confusion surrounding staging a vacant property. Is it really worth the effort? The cost?

The reality is that most people can’t see its true potential until it’s furnished and staged.  They simply can’t visualize THEMSELVES in the space without the visual markers to trigger the emotional response necessary to say YES.

You might wonder why? With less furniture you can see the whole space with nothing in the way. The reality is however, that over 90% of visitors are unable to see past the empty walls! Staging vacant property  will make ALL the difference and will allow you to sell it “well”. Just take a look a the Home Staging Before And After photos shown above and below! When you look at the Before and After photos it’s obvious the difference home staging makes.

So why stage a vacant property?

  • People buy “homes”, not houses
    An empty house looks cold and uninviting. Potential buyers will have a hard time connecting emotionally to an empty space, which does not feel like “home”.
  • No reference points
    Most people have a hard time imagining the space as a potential home if it contains no furniture. Without furniture, potential buyers have nothing to help them. The purpose, dimensions and size of a room can be confusing. The rooms will look too big or too small without any furniture, as the appropriately sized and positioned furniture will make each room look its best, no matter the size. Furthermore, the existing furniture, however minimal, will allow the potential buyers to compare with what they have and take mental measurements of how their own furniture would look in that space.
  • Most people can’t visualize
    Did you know that 9 out of 10 people can’t visualize the potential of a home? They just don’t see how wonderful the property could be, if there is nothing to help them – furniture, lighting, accessories…it all makes a huge visual, emotional and psychological difference.
  • Buyers will notice the negatives
    Any imperfections (floor, walls, ceiling, moldings, window frames, etc.) will be much more noticeable as there is nothing else to look at.
  • Avoid bargain hunters and tire kickers
    An empty house just does not look as well taken care of as it could be and might give the impression of a potentially “desperate” situation, almost inviting the buyer to lower the offered price.

Staging vacant property will differentiate you from the competition, will allow for beautiful and attractive photos, will make the house look warm and inviting.   Just look at the Before & After Home Staging Difference below!

Before and After Home Staging