Do you really need to stage  house?

To stage house or not before putting it up for sale? If you are considering selling your property, then you should be looking into home staging.

The factors affecting the sale of your property, are:

Location, Market , Condition of your house and Presentation of your house.

You can’t control the first two, but you can certainly put all odds in your favor; make sure the condition and the presentation of your property are the best they can be!

You are in the right place to get your questions answered on whether to stage house and how to best do it within your budget.

Home Staging is a science and an art of preparing your house to look its best and to highlight your home’s best features. It helps potential buyers connect with your property and want to make it their own.

Whether you are in the planning stage of the selling process or your house is already for sale but not selling, you can make simple improvements which will help you sell faster and better.

Question 1: Why are model homes staged?

The builders are selling a lifestyle, and they stage their model unit to seduce the buyers. Most people will probably not be sipping champagne in front of a burning fireplace every evening and their beds will probably not be made impeccably and luxuriously every morning but when you walk in to a model unit, the created ambiance influences you to want that lifestyle!

And that is what proper home staging creates – a first impression, a desire of that lifestyle in that home. I call it the WOW factor.  Marketing works!

Question 2: Are you able to be objective?

From the day you decide to put your house on the market, you have to emotionally detach yourself from it. I know it’s hard but it is KEY to be able to see your house objectively, if you are planning to stage it yourself. The reason many people hire a professional home stager is because they are unable to see it through ‘buyer’s eyes.

Question 3: How does your house look to an outsider?

Ask a few people (minimum 3) to give you their honest opinion about how your house looks to them.  Let them walk through your house, pretending to be a potential buyer and let them critique it. Write their comments down.
Do NOT be offended! They are helping you to make extra money at the sale of your house.

Question 4: How does your house smell?

Every home has its own odor and it is VERY important to address the issue (if there is one).
As it might be difficult for you to smell your home’s odor (you are too used to it), the best way to assess the situation is to ask someone who doesn’t come to the house very often to conduct the ‘Smell test’. Ask them to be honest and tell you what they smell as soon as they walk in.

Question 5: When was the last time you painted and updated the look of your home?

Paint can have a dramatic effect on the look of the house. If the house hasn’t been painted in a few years or the colors you chose are outdated or not neutral, maybe it needs a fresh coat of paint. Colors follow trends and a color palette, which was the height of trend 15 years ago, might be completely wrong today.

Question 6: Is there too much stuff in the house?

People tend to accumulate things over the years. Overflowing closets, stacks of papers, knick knacks, too much furniture, things we never use but can’t get rid of…and they slowly take over your house.

Question 7:  the most important one – Do you really want to sell?

If you do, then you need to stage house –  a bit of effort, time and a small investment will generate you results you are looking for.  Faster sale, bigger profit!

Stage  house, sell  house!