If your home is on the market, it is of utmost importance that it appeals to the buyers. Staging your home to sell is the most assured way of getting the maximum price for it. There are specific features that a buyer is looking for in a home. First of all, the number of rooms in the house is important. Most buyers are looking for two full baths. Many want one on the entrance level. The bathrooms must have updated fixtures, sufficient lighting and adequate space. The floors and walls with professionally laid tile is always an asset. If you can only tile the tub walls, that is still appropriate.  Make sure there are lights around your mirror. Recessed lighting is great for brightening up the room.

When staging your home to sell, the number of bedrooms is also usually important. Most people are looking for enough to have a guest or spare bedroom. If there is a master bedroom, be sure that there is a master bath entrance form the bedroom. Also people are looking for roomy closets. Every bedroom needs a closet. It there isn’t one, realtors do not consider this room as a bedroom. Bedroom colors should be relaxing and the furniture or bed should not be too large for the square footage of the room. No one wants to get out of bed and start bumping into furniture.

Now, the kitchen is a vital candidate for staging your home to sell. Buyers are looking for updated appliances, cabinet space, and counter top space. The appliances that are stainless steel are the modern feature on the market today. However, nice matching black appliances are also trendy. Everything should be clean and in good working order. A dishwasher is a must and recessed lighting is great in the kitchen. Fluorescent is out. You need adequate lighting over the counters and stove. Granite counter tops have a modern look, but if they are too expensive, tile or laminate counter tops are sufficient too. Make sure the counter tops are free of clutter. An attractive back splash can really add to the appearance of an otherwise dull counter top. Cabinets should plenty of storage room—walk in pantries really sell. Remember when staging your home, do not have cabinets without doors—letting the buyer see your food is tacky, not to mention distracting.

Now, of course, when the customer walks into the house, he needs to see a capturing view. There must be a focal point to draw the buyer’s eye toward. An elegant looking fireplace is always a nice selling point. A large window with a pleasant view works too. The focal point should make the potential buyer want to see more. The furniture should be laid out in manner as to make the room feel larger and more spacious. The fireplace, if you have one, should give a warm, comfortable feeling. Collectibles should be gathered in one well lit area—this also makes a great focal point. Regarding flooring, hardwood floors are the most attractive and many times this is what the buyer is looking for. A formal dining room area is always a great added attraction.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what your preference is when you are staging your home to sell. The buyer does not want to see “you” in the house. Get rid of family pictures and sentimental items that only mean something to you or your family. The buyer needs to be able to picture his own family in this home—this is a strong selling point.

The last thing to mention, but the first thing that will catch the buyer’s eye is the curb appeal. Landscaping is essential. Make sure your shrubbery and trees are trimmed neatly make sure your lawn is mowed, and see that your sidewalks are not cracked and your porch and front door look appealing. A dirty, shabby house can turn a buyer away fast.

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