Home Staging Advantages for Realtors 

Savvy realtors know the vital difference a well staged property makes in a listing. The first impression made online and in the home showing in those first two minutes is the difference between a hot sale or one sitting on the market for weeks or months.  Hot listings with quick sales make for happy clients and more profit for everyone! Your clients will THANK YOU for making Home Staging a key component of  your client service.

Regal Home Staging  will help you and your client quickly resell their properties. You know that time is money; therefore a well renovated, well presented, attractive property will sell quicker and for more money!

Potential buyers have a hard time visualizing empty spaces. It might surprise you but rooms actually look SMALLER without furniture! As there is nothing else to look at, people will notice any small deficiency in the walls, ceiling or floor. Empty spaces look cold and uninviting.

Home staging is an art of using furniture and accessories in the key areas of the home to make it look attractive and inviting. The idea is to demonstrate a “Life Style”!

The benefits of staging your listed properties are tremendous. Property staging has become an essential marketing tool for realtors to give them an edge in this very competitive market. Over 75% of realtors in the U.S. recommend Staging to their clients, as it became a MUST in the industry over the last few years!

According to a HomeGain  national survey, Home Staging ROI is 343% all of all pre-sale home improvements!

The top 7 benefits of Staging for realtors

  1. Your image and professionalism – after all, your represent the property you list, so why not ensure that your listings are the nicest looking ones in the neighborhood? If it looks great and sells faster and for more money, it will be noticed by other agents, as well as future clients who will want to list with you.
  2. Added value – don’t be left behind your competition – if you don’t offer staging as part of your services, other realtors will! And the clients might make their listing decision based on that small extra service…
  3. Faster turnover of your listings – you will spend less time, effort and money per listing and will increase your earnings by turning the properties over quicker.
  4. Increased client satisfaction – offering to stage a client’s house will demonstrate to them that you are going an extra mile in your efforts. The property will look better and the client will thank you for it (he/she might even pick up some valuable decorating tips for their next house).
  5. Allows you to focus on your core business – listing and negociating the sale of a property – not helping clients with detailed suggestions on what needs to be done and how to do it. Will you spend hours discussing colors, decluttering, fixing, furniture repositioning and accessorizing? A Stager can prepare your listing for showings, all you’ll have to do is show up!
  6. Avoid delicate situations – sometimes, giving advice can put you in an awkward position (example – odors, wrong color paint, outdated decor, dirt, disagreements on work to be done between family members, etc.). Instead, you’ll look professional and neutral by suggesting a Staging consultant to discuss these matters with the client.
  7. Better than a price reduction – a client will probably not be too happy if you suggest a price reduction – try explaining the benefits of staging their property instead. And it’s cheaper than reducing the price!

As you can see, the benefits of staging are obvious, but you are probably asking at this point: How much will it cost? And who’ll pay for the staging?

The cost varies with each property and it’s condition. As a rule of thumb, a staging of the property could cost between 0,5% and 1% of the property’s price. But even a small investment ($500 to $1000) will pay off many times over. The first consultation of anywhere between 2 and 3 hours will allow us to provide a list of recommendations and priorities to the client and we’ll help him decide on the budget and the things to be done, either on his/her own or with the stager.

Usually, a home seller pays for the staging services. Properly explained, most of them welcome the idea and will be grateful to you for helping them increase the value of their property. But, if you wish to use staging as an added value to your clients (or within a competitive situation), we will be happy to discuss a partnership agreement with you!