When the house is empty, there’s nothing left for a potential buyer to look at but the structure.  This means every defect will immediately jump out and become more noticeable.  It also creates a lifeless and lonesome aura that is difficult to overcome.  To prevent this, you’ll need to set the landscape (called home staging).  By staging the home, you can likely sell your property for more money.

What’s the first thing a person sees when they come to look at a home?  The outside.  No matter how luxurious the house looks on the inside, if your house is pink and purple with a neon green roof, guess what?  Nobody’s going to ever see that nice inside, because everybody will run the other way!  Likewise if your yard is a tacky mess, forget about getting the best price.  Keep the grass, trees, and bushes trimmed.  Also make sure the walkway and patio are clear and cleaned off.

Once inside, you must remember two words: neutrality and décor.

When we speak of neutrality—it means in terms of colors, style, and accessories.  Just like you don’t want pink and purple paint on the outside of your home, you want to use colors that are fairly neutral.  You also want to stay away from personal tastes in style when staging a home.  Sure, you may be a huge fan of Star Trek, but everybody doesn’t to walk into your home and feel like they’ve just boarded the Enterprise!  The same holds true for accessories.  No politically radical pictures or sports posters.  Keep everything basic.

At the same time, basic doesn’t mean bland.  For the living room, hang some artwork and keep the fireplace cleaned out.  You can dress up the kitchen with plants or a tea set.  You might consider adding fresh towels to the hanger and potpourri.  Just be sure not to show off any personal hygiene products such as toilet paper!  Accessories can really spruce up the place, making onlookers more likely to want to buy.  The lower traffic rooms in your home such as the bedrooms, hallways, and garage require less attention in terms of knick-knacks.  The big three are the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

We know you want to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price you can get.  Even with a vacant home, you can still stage it to have the most possible appeal to prospective buyers.  Staging a home incorrectly or not at all could spell a long wait.

For help staging your home (vacant or not) in the Ottawa real estate market, give us a call at Regal Home Staging today.  We would be happy to consult with you to help you overcome any challenges you may have in listing your home so that you can sell it quickly and for top dollar!