Home Staging For a Lived In Home

It can be stressful enough planning and preparing for a move.  When you already live in your home during the transition from one home into the next there are many things to consider and balance.  Just keeping your home tidy day to day can be more than enough to do especially when you have young children in the home.

At Regal Home Staging we understand the complexities involved.  We will walk with you through all the steps needed to get your lived in home staged so you can list it for top dollar and sell it fast!

We strive to provide you with as much information on staging as possible, so you can choose the services which are best for YOU. 

It is our pleasure to help Ottawa home sellers and realtors with information on staging, consulting, project management and interior redesign.

Step one for staging your lived in home will involved a thorough inspection of the property.  This is the minimal service required as it will provide you with a list of actions to take (on your own or managed by a professional Home Stager) to improve the appearance of the house.

Your Home Stager is trained to look at your property with “Buyer’s” eyes and notice all the things that you might have gotten used to.

Example: a missing tile or a loose cupboard handle, a door that does not close properly, a paint peeling on a ceiling, dirty windows, kids’ toys in the living room, all the little and, sometimes, bigger things that we would have liked to improve on but have never gotten around to…

The important point is that the way you live in your house and the way you SELL your house are completely different! The moment you decide to put your property on the market, you need to stop looking at it as your “home” (as hard as it might be emotionally) and start treating it as your most valuable financial investment (which it probably is!) on which you want to get the most return. That’s why we feel that you should get as much information on staging as possible, so you can make the right decision for you and maximize your chances of selling your property well.

Detailed Consultation

Your Home Stager will use a home staging checklist to go through the house (on the inside and the outside) and document everything that needs to be changed/repaired/moved/cleaned/de-cluttered, etc. We can leave the checklist with you and you are welcome to take notes as the Stager walks through your property. This consultation takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and will give you the exact information on staging steps required for your property.

Full project management

If you don’t have the time or the desire to manage the project from start to finish, we’ll take care of it. It includes consultation, work (if required) by our contractors, shopping for furniture and accessories, space optimization and creating ambiance. The price will depend on the work required.


We understand that you have emotional attachment to your things or you might not have the time to clean everything out by yourself. We can work with you or recommend a professional Organizer. You can sort your things in the following categories: to be thrown out, to be donated and to be packed and stored. Unless you are not in a hurry, we don’t recommend holding a garage sale – too much preparation work for too little money and you’ll be left with tons of stuff to sort through anyway. The good news is that not only will your house look a lot better for the sale, but you will have taken care of a big and most annoying part of preparing to move!

Room-by-room staging

This is the most fun part! Once the house has been decluttred, we try to use the most of what you already have and give it a new life. We might move some furniture/accessories from one room to another, reposition the furniture, artwork and accessories, improve the lighting and suggest some purchases (or rental) to tie it all together for the best effect. We try to give you the most home staging information we can and let you see for yourself how different a room can look with some proven decorating techniques and a bit of creativity.

Staging with rented furniture/accessories

If your house is already empty or needs some extra pieces of high quality furniture, artwork and accessories, not to worry – we have a very large inventory of accessories and small furniture available for rental on a monthly basis! We will help you to purchase some items which you will keep for your next home or, if you prefer, rent them at a specialized Short-term furniture rental store, which has brand new beautiful furniture specifically for Home Staging and we will arrange everything – delivery, setting up the rooms with rented furniture (staging), photos (if needed for a website) and the pick-up when the house is sold. We can also provide all the accessories, such as artwork, towels, lamps, carpets, pillows, bed linens, bathroom accessories and other decorative items, from our own inventory. Another popular option is to buy some accessories which you’ll take with you to your next house.

Paint color selection

We might suggest that you repaint some of the rooms, but don’t worry: we’ll help you select the best colors (not based on your personal taste, sorry!) to please the most potential buyers and to suit your furniture. Repainting is the cheapest and the most dramatic way to improve the appearance of your home and you will be getting back your money many times over.

Project management

If you don’t have the time/desire to manage the staging project yourself, whether it is to organize the work required, shop for needed furniture/accessories or bring fresh flowers and insure that everything is ready for an Open House, we can help! Just ask us about this service.

Team of Resources

We built a team of people who are honest, reliable and excellent at what they do, so we can recommend them without hesitation or take care of your needs for you. We work with a specialized store which provides new furniture and accessories for staging and we have some of own inventory for rent. We can help with storage facilities, packing supplies and junk removal.

Open House management

Even after the house has been cleaned, decluttered and staged, most of the time you are still living in it and it’s very difficult to maintain it in a “perfect” condition for Open Houses. We will be happy to bring flowers and come by an hour before the Open House to check everything and correct small things, where needed – lights, blinds/curtains, beds (hopefully, made and fluffed), clean counter tops, no toys in sight, no pet accessories, toilet seat down and anything else that might have been forgotten in your daily living.

Do you need any additional information on staging?

Don’t be shy, we’ll be happy to give you as much information on staging as you need, so you can choose the best home stager who will serve you and help you make the best decisions for you!