If you are getting ready to prepare a house for sale, there are several home staging tips which may be of benefit to you.  When someone is selling a home they should always show the home at its very best.  There are different aspects to consider when yu are staging a home for sale.

Homes will sell more quickly and usually for a higher amount if they are staged.  The ideal situation would be to stage the house before you put it on the market.  Generally a staged home will sell from between six percent to twenty percent or higher than a home that is not staged home will.  There will be an astounding difference in the way a home looks after it has been professionally staged.  Owners are quite often fascinated because they didn’t realize that their house could look so good.  A home staging company will be able to assist you in staging your home for sale.  They are trained and will supply you with important home staging tips.

Home buyers really need to see themselves living in your house and with home staging tips form someone who has been trained in the field you may be able to stage your won home.  One tip to bear in mind when staging your home is to consider curb appeal.  If your house isn’t appealing form the outside a potential home buyer will never make it to the inside of your house.  They will simply drive to the next house on their list.

Have clean walkways, no visible garbage should be setting around.  Lawns should be neatly trimmed (both front and back lawns).  Bushes, hedges, trees, and plants of any type should appear manicured and well kept.  The porch, deck, and steps should be kept swept and clean with no visible cracking or blighting of any sort. Painting or washing the exterior walls and surfaces of the home is another great tip for home staging.  After all, you would want to buy someone else’s dirty house, why would anyone want to purchase yours?

Take care of any clutter inside or out.  Kitchens, bathrooms, and closets are areas to consider – and, “Yes, people will definitely look in closets during a home showing”.

Naturally, you will need to make sure that your home is clean each time it is being shown.  Furniture should be well coordinated and clean.  End tables should match each other but not necessary the coffee table.  Lamps should either match or, at least, be the same size carpets, hardwoods, and tile floors should be like new.  Dining room furniture should be adequately sized for the area.  Kitchen and bathroom counters and sinks should be clean with no stains and no clutter.  Fresh linens should be placed in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Follow these home staging tips and your home will be a more attractive prospect to potential buyers. Staged homes sell within 96% of the listed price so what are you waiting for! Call Regal Home Staging in Ottawa to get your home sold quickly for the best price!