When you use home staging tips to properly prepare your home for sale, you are going to benefit! Home Staging services aim to ensure a quick sale at the best price.

Before we jump into the home staging tips, let’s look at some important factors:

Determining the RIGHT value of your home – do your research.

The value of a house is not based on

  • the amount that was invested in the property
  • the amount desired by the seller to ensure his future needs
  • the amount of the assessment
  • the amount obtained by the neighbor for his house
  • the amount of insurance

Market value is based on today’s prices, which means how much a buyer is willing to pay. And the price is dependent on these 7 factors:

  1. The state of the local real estate market
  2. Local competition
  3. Financing options and interest rates
  4. The current economic situation
  5. The buyer’s perception of the CONDITION of your property
  7. Normal time to market

The seller MAY control the following factors:

  • The asking price
  • The condition of the property, hence the importance of home staging!
  • Access to property

The seller CANNOT control the following factors:

  • Market conditions
  • Competition and their degree of motivation
  • The overall value as described above

If you decide to work with a real estate agent, he / she should do their market analysis and help you determine the right price for your property. More and more real estate agents are collaborating with home staging professionals to optimize the value of the property, ask him!

If you choose to sell on your own, no worries, but you need to do your local market analysis in order to get the right price.

Change the way you think!

You are certainly attached to your home. On the other hand, since your real estate investment is important, you must stop being emotional and become objective. This transition is difficult for most people. On the other hand, a Home Staging professional will help you take this step and maximize its assets.

Think about QUALITY photos!

Today, almost everyone uses the Internet and the multitude of sites available to compare and select homes they then want to visit. The quality as well as the content of the photos have an incredible power on the perception of potential buyers! These photos can cause you to lose dozens of visitors as they can bring buyers to the door.

We are convinced of the paramount importance of this service and for this reason, Home Staging Montreal can refer you to professional real estate photographers .

More home staging tips: The outdoors matter too!

The first impression comes from what visitors see when they arrive. If the exterior is pleasing to the eye, clean, and well-maintained, visitors will be more willing to be tolerant of the rest. On the other hand, a dilapidated exterior will scare them away!

Home Staging Ensures Guaranteed Success!

The crush or the first impression as soon as the visitor walks through the door – that’s the goal! This reasonable investment (which in the majority of cases does not exceed 1% of the market value) guarantees you a quick sale and the best return on your money. Visitors will be able to project themselves into your space and feel at home – if so, it’s SOLD!