When people decide they are going to sell their home, they are definitely hoping to get maximum value out of this asset.  To do so, they will try to convey a friendly sense of warmth, an inviting place to live and call home.  The best way to help make this happen is through home staging.  This is the process through which homes are cleaned up and rearranged in order to present the best visual appearance to prospective home buyers.  You may want to follow a few guidelines when you are planning to have your home staged; there are a number of home staging ideas that can be put to good use by sellers.

Obviously, the first thing prospective buyers are going to see is the outside of your home.  Therefore, do what things you can to fix up any problem areas on the outer structure of the home.  If there are loose railings, or cracked windows, get those repaired.  Also, be sure you make your lawn and garden presentable and attractive to buyers.  Doing these things helps to make a good first impression and helps the buyer make an early decision; it is said that people decide whether they have any interest in a home within the first 8 seconds of seeing a house.

To that end, coming up with good impressions once buyers enter the home is important.  Make sure the hall area is well lit and bright in color.  If you want to project the image of home and hearth, have an inviting scent coming from the kitchen, such as freshly baked cookies.  If you wish to convey a sense of the romantic to couples who may be interested in the home, set some pillows or something in front of the fireplace, which might inspire thoughts of cozy evenings by the fire.  You can really set up any opening welcome you want in order to impress the home buyer.

The really major investment in home staging ideas is actually what you do in the kitchen.  This is where homeowners will cook, and eat, and share many moments and memories.  If the way to one’s heart is through the stomach, the way to one’s home-buying impulse is also made in the kitchen.  What needs to be done is to ensure that your kitchen space appears larger.  This means more space in the cabinets by making them look nice, neat, and orderly; don’t have a lot of clutter on the countertops; Make sure you’ve set a good table.  If you happen to have a dining room where you entertain or eat, then arrange things so that the home buyer gets his or her own ideas about how the room can be used.

For the bathroom, give off a totally clean appearance.  Make certain that there are nice towels on display, and avoid displaying personal toiletries and hygiene products.  You want to make them feel like they could live in the home – not as if someone else is living there.  Bedrooms should be spacious and appealing, with well-made beddings and little clutter on surfaces.

With smart, creative home staging ideas, your Ottawa home can be a lucrative showcase!  

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