Staging a home for sale usually entails a small investment. Is it worth spending effort, time and money (in that order) on it or should you just call a real estate broker who will “evaluate” your house and suggest a price? After all, once the decision to sell has been made, you just want to get it over with as fast as possible, right?


Some factors are out of your control, such as the location of the property, sale price of comparable homes in your neighborhood and today’s market conditions. But you definitely have a say in the “desirability” factor of your property, that is the way your property looks, feels and is perceived by the realtors and prospective buyers.  We all know that first impressions make a big difference in the way we perceive a person, an object or a service and, subconsciously, the decision is taken within the first 30 to 60 seconds on whether we’ll be “buying” and what value we assign to it. When you understand the home staging basics and follow the rules, you increase the visual value of your property and that will translate into some real benefits!

Top 9 reasons for Home Staging Basics

  1. Get the money you want
    If you are serious about getting the biggest return on your investment, you need to ensure that the property’s best assets are put forward. Statistics clearly show that staged homes sell for more money than comparable houses (a conservative estimate is between 2% and 10% more). Stage a home for sale and you’ll see the difference in the way people (including realtors) will react to it.
  2. Reduce time on the market
    Statistics are not easy to come by as they change with the market conditions, but it is clear that the properties which are well presented sell much faster and for more money.
  3. Stand out from the crowd!
    In a slow market, the buyers are kings (and queens) and you need every competitive advantage you can get. If your house looks and feels attractive, the potential buyers will notice the difference and will want YOUR house.
  4. Bring more people in
    To stage a home for sale means maximizing your chances. It’s the numbers game – more people see and LIKE your house, better are your chances of success. By using staging techniques, such as depersonalizing, you will make your property appealing to more potential buyers.
  5. Get higher market price evaluation
    The best time to stage a home for sale is BEFORE a realtor shows up to evaluate your property. Being ready will demonstrate to the real estate agent that you are a savvy home seller and he/she will put a higher price on your property, as a staged home will “show” better and will be easier for them to sell.
  6. Attract best realtor
    A realtor will evaluate the selling potential of your property against the risk he/she takes to list it. His/her reputation is at stake and the costs of marketing your listing are substantial (in time and money). The best looking properties will get the best agents who will work harder to show them and will sell them faster.
  7. Enhance the advertising appeal
    Pictures are worth a thousand words. Especially these days, when most shoppers will preselect the properties they are interested in through Internet, you need to have the best pictures possible to move potential buyers to the next phase – a visit.
  8. Show you love your house
    Show it with pride. Most buyers prefer a home in a move-in condition and a well maintained home inspires confidence. And you will avoid ridiculously low offers from bargain hunters…
  9. Avoid potential price reduction
    A property is HOT for the first few weeks it’s listed. If it does not attract buyers within that timeframe, chances are the realtor will try to convince you to reduce the price. When you stage a home for sale, the investment in staging is much smaller than reducing the asking price, you’ll get it back at the sale – so protect your equity.

Home Staging basics: declutter, clean, fix and repair, paint, update, optimize the spaces and create neutral but warm ambiance – ask your home stager for advice and get going!