Top 6 easy decorating tips

Best 6 decorating tips for your space, whether for staging your house for sale or for your own enjoyment.

Start by finding a ‘focal point’ or a main attraction in each room. The easiest way is to look for an architectural feature of the room, if there is one. We will give you some tips, examples and the ways to decorate or stage to sell around these features:

1. If the room has a fireplace, it should be the focal point of the room! You can bring it out by either changing the bricks, or painting them. If you need to enhance the fireplace, add the artificial stone around and above it all the way to the ceiling or paint the wall above it a different color. Then add a mantel and place some accessories on it. Don’t overdo it though – just a few well-chosen ones will suffice. Nice paintings, a couple of candleholders, maybe even an interesting mirror… Complete the area by placing an area rug in front of it to make the living space cozy.

2. You can play off a Half-wall as a focal point by changing its color. Any opening to another room can be accentuated by changing the trim around the opening or the inside of the opening. This unexpected look will be sure to catch your visitors’ eye. You can achieve a similar effect with a dropped ceiling; paint it a tone darker than the walls to bring it out.

3. Windows can be decorated as well, especially if they are big and interesting or offer a nice view. One inexpensive option to bring them out is to paint the window trims a different color than the walls. New blinds, shades and curtains make a huge difference! By choosing the window treatments of the same color as the wall, you will achieve a more elegant and formal look. If you are looking for a more casual look, select the window treatments of a complementary color. For all the details on how to decorate with shades, blinds and shutters, please read more decorating tips at : An important tip: long curtains make any window seem larger and the current trend is to have the curtains slightly train on the floor for an elegant image.

4. One of the best decorating tips is using paint to transform a room, it is quick and relatively inexpensive to do. An Accent Wall brings a wow factor to even the most ordinary room. For example, you could accent the wall behind the bed; or choose one wall in the living room or the back wall of the dining room so the dining room table is set against its backdrop. The accent wall is usually a darker and deeper color than the other walls. Not sure which color to choose for your accent wall? Find a color you like in a pillow, curtain, sofa or artwork and match a paint color to it for your accent wall.

5. Most of us don’t have enough lighting. Brighten and lighten your space and you won’t believe the difference. New light fixtures will modernize your decor and you can use lamps to accentuate spaces and objects in the rooms, such as a fireplace, an artwork or even a nice plant. For all the DOs and DONTs of lighting, please read

6. Artwork and accessories are the final touch, subtle but very important. Lamps, decorative cushions and carpeting are only a few of the many objects that you can accessorise with to add a color to a space and harmonise it. For example, if you prefer neutral colors on your walls and furniture, you could accentuate the space with a favorite color – such as apple green, deep purple or orange. Just add some cushions, artwork, and a few decorative objects and spread them around the room. Whether you are preparing your house for sale or doing it to enjoy living in it, do a bit of research, collect some pictures of the rooms and looks you prefer, get some paint samples and then try it.

Best of luck with our decorating tips! If you need help or feel unsure of what would work best for you, do not hesitate to call us!