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Regal Home Staging is an Ottawa based home staging business that provides a full range of home staging services to homeowners and real estate agents in the Greater Ottawa area — from Orleans to Kanata, Nepean to Manotick, and all surrounding areas.

We help Ottawa homeowners and realtors sell properties quickly and for top dollar! Helping clients to showcase their homes at its best so they can sell it faster and better, is our passion.

Our home staging service helps homeowners and realtors through the process of preparing homes for sale. From start to finish we help identify, prioritize, execute and complete all the steps needed to stage Ottawa homes for top listings and quick ideal sales

Our mission is to offer simple and effective home staging solutions, which will increase your property’s VALUE and generate better return on your real estate investment. We’ll help you sell your house FASTER, for MORE MONEY and with LESS STRESS!

Regal Home Staging offers a complete range of services, which can be adapted to each client’s needs, time frame and budget. We try to do our little share for the environment by reusing as much of your things/furniture and accessories as possible, thus minimizing costs as well as the impact on the environment.

Using some simple and effective techniques, Home staging can make a huge financial difference when selling a house.

Whether you are planning to put your house on the market or simply want to make it more attractive and efficient to live in, this site is for you!


What is home staging?

You’ve read about it in newspapers and interior design magazines. You’ve seen it on TV. It is called home staging, sometimes home styling or moving styling, and involves planning the move and preparing the home for photography and viewing.  Home owners looking to sell their home in Ottawa or realtors serving their Ottawa clients love this service because they know that home staging is the KEY to selling their property quickly and for top dollar!

Some people who aren’t as familiar with what home staging is might ask the following questions.

Does a staged home have to look like all the other houses being listed for sale in Ottawa?

The answer is simple, “of course not!” Using a combination of skilled knowledge and home staging philosophy, analysis and working methods our home staging service will provide you with simple, effective home staging solutions to put you at the top of the Ottawa real estate market and sell your house in record time.

Our professional home staging helps you see your home with new eyes. We give suggestions on how to highlight the home’s unique character, room connections, lighting conditions and furnishings. By presenting your home correctly, you get a competitive advantage over similar items on the market.

It’s important to keep in mind that it is the location and the local house and apartment market that determines the price range for your home, but it is the condition and appearance of the home that determines where in the range the total ends up!  That’s where home staging makes all the difference.

Why bother furnishing an empty home?

According to real estate agents, it is difficult to sell an empty home. Many people think that an unfurnished home gives a sad impression and usually results in fewer offers and a lower final price.

In addition to the inspiration that a properly furnished home conveys, the furniture also functions as a “yardstick”.  The visual impression of home staging  helps prospective buyers to assess the potential of the home and where the bed, dining table etc. can fit. This helps a potential buyer truly visualize themselves in that property by making it visually appealing and inspiring.

Isn’t it an unnecessary job when I have to move anyway?

Of course, one can think that home staging is an extra job during a move (which is already so difficult in itself). But most people are attracted to being able to hit two birds with one stone: you get professional home staging help in creating the right viewing environment while seeing your home in a new way and get new interior design ideas that can potentially be transferred to your new home!

So how and when did Home Staging become a thing?

Home staging or “Real estate valuation” was born in the United States in 1972 by Barb Schwarz and has proven itself in real estate markets all over the world. This concept is the art of preparing a good impression of the sale or rental in order to please a maximum of visitors and thus trigger the “falling in love” sales effect on a buyer that will sell your house fast and for top dollar.

The goal of home staging is to allow you to sell your property quickly and at the best price, without stressful and time consuming negotiations. The aim is to make it a distinctive product vis-à-vis the competition by maximizing its potential and making it flawless to please a larger number of potential buyers.

By applying the principles of Home Staging,  Regal Home Staging offer you solutions adapted to your lifestyle as well as to your budget. Together, we will redesign and harmonize the interior and exterior of your Ottawa home by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere so that you can sell your property in the best possible conditions.

With our skilled knowledge our home staging will walk you through the process of home staging ideas to help you do the following:



Optimize your space

Color harmonization

Optimal Lighting

and more!

To learn how our home staging will help you sell your home for fast and for top dollar call Regal Home Staging today!