How do people choose the best home stager for them?

In the early 2000s there were very few home stagers. Now, it is not the case, as pretty much anybody can declare themselves a home stager.

There are a few training schools, which claim to give their students a ‘Certification’ but there is no objective and neutral organization which validates people’s competencies. Any student who pays, automatically gets ‘Certified’ but that doesn’t mean he/she is good.

And, the training is not even required, so pretty much anyone can become a ‘home stager’.

That being said, a home seller should definitely do his/her research before deciding on a home stager. After all, a GOOD home stager is a problem solver, solution finder and a tremendous help in selling your home!

So, here are 8 tips to finding the best Home Stager for you:

1. Do research online for your local area, look at the website, pay particular attention to the portfolio – before and after – do they show real change, do they look good, do you like their style?

2. Talk to a couple of local realtors – ask them if they can recommend a home stager they work with.

3. Ask your friends if they can recommend a home stager.

4. Call or email the home stager and see the quality of the customer service you receive – how fast does the stager answer, is he/she friendly, efficient, answers all your questions clearly?

5. How much experience does the stager have? Can he/she give you an example of other similar projects they have done?

6. Does the stager have a warehouse of furniture and accessories (that might be a necessity depending on your situation)?

7. What is the stager’s availability and does he/she have a team to accommodate your schedule?

8. Price? Yes, it can’t be ignored, but all stagers are NOT equal! An experienced home stager will help you to a FASTER and more PROFITABLE sale.

If you are looking for a GOOD Home Stager in Ottawa or the greater area, give us a call today to see how we can help you stage and sell your home quickly for top dollar!