Regal Home Staging

We help Ottawa homeowners and realtors sell properties quickly and for top dollar!

Regal Home Staging will help you sell your Ottawa home fast and for top dollar!

If you are planning to put your house on the Ottawa market in the next few months or if your house has been lingering for a while, you need a home staging company like REGAL HOME STAGING!

Staged properties sell within 96% of their listed price and three times faster!

Whether you have a lived in or a vacant home, we have a solution for your needs! We will help you with practical advice and guidance, rearrange your furniture or bring in a truck full of furniture and decor for your lived in or vacant home. 

Realtors know the value of home staging because they KNOW that most buyers makes their decision within the first 2 minutes.  Whether online or in person, home staging gives you a massive selling advantage over your competition!  

Our home staging solutions will help you sell your property FASTER, for MORE MONEY and with LESS STRESS!

 We provide a full range of home staging, decorating and furniture rental services for lived in or vacant properties.

We will help you get your home decluttered, organized and ready so your before contacting a realtor for your best market value

We will give you itemized checklists to  prioritizing your efforts

We can help you to prepare your Ottawa home or business property if you live off location

Regal Home Staging is the Ottawa home staging company that can do all that for you and more!  We specialize in helping Ottawa homeowners and realtors get properties fully prepared for sale so their homes or businesses sell for top dollar and quickly!


Home staging is a mixture of creativity, simplification, reduction and presentation with only one goal: to make the best possible impression at the showing!

The home staging concept, proven for more than 30 years, thanks to specific real estate marketing techniques, draws the attention of the buyer to the strong points of each room in a property.  This technique allows a property buyer to visualize themselves in the space.  Whether you live in your home or it is vacant, even if it is rental, we can help you prepare your property for top dollar and fast!

When viewing the property online or in person, most buyers decide on a property within the first 2 minutes or less!  This first impression is crucial to giving you the best advantage over the local competition.

You will never have a second chance for the few seconds of the first impression within which your home is scanned. This is the crucial moment when your listed property will stand out above the rest of gets shelved as a ‘maybe’ (or worse, rejected entirely!)

Our Home Staging company will position you to capture that first impression so you get an enthusiastic “WOW!” rather than a bored “NEXT” impression.   

Our home staging company follows the principal that car salesmen do: They fully clean and detail their cars, only for a few hundred dollars more revenue.

Auctions sellers do the same thing on online or in person auctions to present their goods in the best possible way. They polish and shine so they can absolutely show off their items for sale and get top dollar!

The only difference here is that real estate is more likely to bring you thousands of dollars in additional income with little effort.

The price of a complete home staging is less than the first price drop on a listing!

With a minimum of investment, home staging reinvents your interior, optimizes space, harmonizes the ambiance of your property to make it an attractive property that will stand out in a highly competitive market.

A visibly tidy, beautiful staged home helps potential buyers visualize themselves in the property.  Studies show that a properly staged home can get upwards of 96% of the asking price!

Regardless of  the state of the real estate market in Ottawa a staged home sets you apart and puts you in the best position to get the most out of your property. You go through so much work to get your home on the market, you deserve to get the absolute maximum out of your property when it comes time to sell.

We will go through room by room together and present affordable ideas and improvements that will increase the value of your property when it hits the Ottawa real estate market. You will get stylish and economical tips and have your property staged, listed and sold in no time!

Our team will provide the advice you need to sell successfully!

Staged Homes by Regal Home Staging company sell Ottawa homes faster and for more money. We strongly believe that a well showcased house, priced right and a good team behind its marketing, is what you need to bring your project to successful conclusion.

If you take the advice that is behind the home staging concept and follow the many tips our home staging company gives you, then your chances are excellent that you will quickly stick a “SOLD” sign on your Ottawa property!


Home Staging Services

The home staging services by Regal Home Staging range from a walk-through consultation to a turnkey solution, managed and executed by a professional Home Stager.

Home staging services

We first discuss your needs over the phone. Then, a consultation is scheduled with you at your house, which takes usually from one to two hours, depending on size of your house and the need. At the end of the Consultation, you will know what needs to be done, which additional Home staging services (if any) we recommend and we can help you prioritize them.

Here are just some of the amazing home staging transformations we can do for your Ottawa home to get it sold fast and for the best price!

Home Decorating

In addition to Home Staging our clients love our Home Decorating Service.  Many people find that after a Home Staging to help them sell their Ottawa home they say“I wish I had you when we first moved in… the house is so beautiful now that we don’t want to sell it anymore!”

Our goal at Regal Home Staging is to achieve the optimization of your living space; increasing your comfort and improving the ambiance by using what you already have, as much as possible.

Our home staging specialists are happy to also provide home decorating services for you in your present space or as you move into a new home in the greater Ottawa area. We come up with simple and creative solutions that fit your needs and tastes and will fit within the established budget.

Regal Home Staging will perform an initial consultation in your home to evaluate the existing elements and start planning the transformation. Choosing paint colors, determining the best utilization of existing furniture and accessories, making a shopping list, managing the work when required and pulling it all together to create a new look. We also provide all the people you might need for your decorating project.

We will be happy to give you an estimate after we discuss your situation. The consultation can take only a few hours but it will transform your house and your life!